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Olivia Lang

M: 773-573-9098

Olivia Lang is a highly committed Professional Realtor instilled with the passion for helping
people realize their homeownership dreams. She joined Keller Williams Realty to continue
serving people and reshaping the community for the better. Before stepping into the world of real estate, Olivia spent years mingling in the field of fashion as a Freelance Hairstylist and Customer Service Agent. However, the passion for people and the love for the community ultimately lured her into the realm of real estate where she helps others accomplish dreams every day
Olivia Lang embarked on her professional journey at the age of 14, stepping into the world of entrepreneurship, chasing dreams. Gifted with a knack for competition and an ambitious drive, she fuses the two to work her way through the ebbs and flows of realty. Olivia loves to meet and serve exciting people and works with them to decipher their unique needs and find perfect homes. A persistent, passionate, and ambitious negotiator, she represents clients and their dreams with utmost passion and helps transform them into reality.
Working with Olivia Lang will help many families eradicate complexities from the process of buying/selling homes and find happiness. Having built a recurring clientele of 200+ clients, she eyes to continue serving the locals and helping people achieve homeownership dreams. Serving with a team of over 170,000 Keller Williams associates across the country, Olivia is passionate about revolutionizing the realty industry.
Keller Williams Realty is the leading platform for home seekers who dreams to become
homeowners and homeowners who want to sell their homes at the best prices. With the fusion of cutting-edge technology and the passion of thousands of realtors, it continues to help families simplify reality. Sharing the same commitment and passion, Olivia Lang helps as many families as possible accomplish dreams and aims to help many more.
Looking to sell a home or buy the perfect one? Let’s collaborate!!! Being a dedicated, energetic, and focused agent, Olivia brings a level of enthusiasm to realty that’s second to none. Call her for a no-obligation assessment of your needs … let’s accomplish dreams!!!

Olivia Lang
Mobile: 773-573-9098
Mascotti & Company
519 C ST NE
Washington DC 20002

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