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Giving Back


Our Pledge:

Our area is our home, we take pride in doing our part to take care of it!

Mascotti and Company has firm beliefs in giving back to our community locally and at our county and communities at large. We want to help those in need as well as help our communities and country continue to find the human in humanity!

One of the first pledges is that we donate 1% of all of our commission to fight injustice. If you would like to donate to further help our cause please fill out your name and email and donation amount, We will match any donation.

Nominate your Favorite Charity!

There are many amazing charities, causes and organizations and we want to know about them and who our extended family wants us to support. We are always looking for a way to help others, so please send in your suggestion for our next giving donation or charity event.

Read and Discover some of the places

  • Parkinson’s Walk : 
    • We take the walk and we donate every year to the cause to end Parkinson’s. One of our interns and past team members’ mothers suffers from the disease! 
  • Autism Speaks :
    • Marlena’s oldest nephew is Austic (High Functioning), again when our family needs us we support. Please join us with our next walk and donate to this cause when we send out the information.
  • Back to School Drive :
    • Kids are our future! We want to help ensure that every child receives a great education and is given the proper tools to compete and complete work in school. We host local backpack drives at 3 schools each year, for their students that are in need.
  • The Soup Kitchen :
    • Sometimes your time is just needed. Helping feed the homeless is a building team event for clients who want to join and help us serve at the times when those who have fallen short need it the most.
  • Social Injustice Initiative : 
    • We donate so the fight can continue. The need for all humans to be treated as equals, is more than worthy of our time and money. Help us donate to continue to beat out social and economic injustices
  • National African American Museum :
    • A place where American history is told, we want to keep this museum funded and operating at no cost to the public. Learn the truth, learn our history.

Work with a team that gives back! 

Want to buy and sell and know that apart of your agent dollars are going to support causes! Get in touch with our Team today to learn more about how we donate a portion of our commissions to charity. Working with us means you wont just get your household lucky charm, you will allow us to donate and being the lucky charm to others.

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